About Us
CHO CHI ZEN Karate is a hybrid martial art. It translates to "knowledge of inner power through meditation through karate training". The 3 main branches it derives from are karate hand techniques, taekwondo kicks & kenpo for two-man training.

The system was founded by Mr. Elmer T. Glover in the late 1960's. It developed from him wanting to bridge the gap between one-man froms and sparring. Through his years of studying and research, along with deep meditation, he had visions of people doing combative sequences in a pre arrange order while applying their basic techniques linked together. From that experience, he realized how to apply the one-man forms and sparring together to become more practical in one's training.

Doing these drills, one will start to realize the many benefits they receive. You have physical conditioning from partner training to strengthen the body. There's mental training, through the kata, to keep the mind strong, sharp and focused. Also, there's meditation to learn how to reflect upon oneself for personal insight and spiritual development. Lastly, you have self-defense to learn how to deal with situations in an instinctive manner.

Now, another important aspect about Cho Chi Zen is there are no winners or losers. So in essence there's no need to worry about defeat, because every sequence ends in a stalemate. Your true test lies with how you apply yourself outside of class and how you feel about yourself.

To sum it up, Cho Chi Zen Kararate is about working together, being in harmony with oneself and to finally realize where true power comes from. That true power comes from within, power through meditation and karate training.